Giorgio Chiellini

      Giorgio Chiellini
      • 1984
      أحصل على قميصه
      دقائق لُعِبَت
      القدم اليسرى
      القدم اليمنى
      تشتيت للكرة
      تصويبات في الهدف
      فرص خلق فرص
      تاكلينج إنتصار
      أهداف هزيمة
      الدوري الإيطالي
      المشوار المهني،
      الموسم الفريق فئة التطبيقات/أهداف
      2014/2015 Juventus A 28/-
      2013/2014 Juventus A 31/3
      2012/2013 Juventus A 24/1
      2011/2012 Juventus A 34/2
      2010/2011 Juventus A 32/2
      2009/2010 Juventus A 32/4
      2008/2009 Juventus A 27/4
      2007/2008 Juventus A 30/3
      2006/2007 Juventus B 32/3
      2005/2006 Juventus A 17/-
      2004/2005 Fiorentina B 37/3
      2003/2004 Livorno B 41/4
      2002/2003 Livorno C1 6/-
      2001/2002 Livorno C1 5/-
      2000/2001 Livorno C1 3/-
      الموسم الفريق الوطني الأوروبي
      2014/2015 Juventus 5/1 12/-
      2013/2014 Juventus 2/1 11/-
      2012/2013 Juventus -/- 8/-
      2011/2012 Juventus 3/- -/-
      2010/2011 Juventus 2/- 9/2
      2009/2010 Juventus 2/- 6/1
      2008/2009 Juventus 1/- 8/1
      2007/2008 Juventus 2/- -/-
      2006/2007 Juventus 3/1 -/-
      2005/2006 Juventus -/- 6/-
      2004/2005 Fiorentina 5/- -/-
      2003/2004 Livorno 1/- -/-
      2002/2003 Livorno 1/- -/-
      منافسة الفريق الموسم
      كأس السوبر الإيطالي Juventus 2015/2016
      كأس إيطاليا Juventus 2014/2015
      الدوري الإيطالي Juventus 2014/2015
      الدوري الإيطالي Juventus 2013/2014
      كأس السوبر الإيطالي Juventus 2013/2014
      الدوري الإيطالي Juventus 2012/2013
      كأس السوبر الإيطالي Juventus 2012/2013
      الدوري الإيطالي Juventus 2011/2012
      الملف الشخصي


      A merciless yet versatile defender, Giorgio Chiellini is deservedly considered as one of the game’s top defenders. Chiellini’s tenacity, leadership and commitment to the cause have made the centre-back an irreplaceable force at the core of Juventus’ recent success.

      Beginning his career as a promising full-back at Livorno, the Biaconeri’s vice-captain soon moved inside on his arrival to Turin in 2005 and found the position that best suits his attributes, cementing his place as a mainstay at both club and international level.

      The 31-year-old’s aerial abilities make him an asset in either penalty area, regularly weighs in with vital goals. Chiello’s most memorable goal in recent years however came with his feet, as his brilliant volley sealed a tenth Coppa Italia triumph at the Stadio Olimpico last May.

      The stopper’s illustrious Juventus career was immortalised in 2014, joining an exclusive group of players to have their shirt displayed at Juventus Museum following his 300th appearance for the club.

      Chiellini’s ruthlessness on the field is also underlied by an intelligence off it: Juve’s vice-captain graduated with top marks in Economic Sciences from the University of Turin in 2010.

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