Simone Padoin

      Simone Padoin
      • 1984
      أحصل على قميصه
      دقائق لُعِبَت
      القدم اليسرى
      القدم اليمنى
      تشتيت للكرة
      تصويبات في الهدف
      فرص خلق فرص
      تاكلينج إنتصار
      أهداف هزيمة
      الدوري الإيطالي
      المشوار المهني،
      الموسم الفريق فئة التطبيقات/أهداف
      2014/2015 Juventus A 25/0
      2013/2014 Juventus A 21/1
      2012/2013 Juventus A 20/-
      2011/2012 Juventus A 6/1
      2011/2012 Atalanta A 19/-
      2010/2011 Atalanta B 34/2
      2009/2010 Atalanta A 36/2
      2008/2009 Atalanta A 36/3
      2007/2008 Atalanta A 31/3
      2006/2007 Vicenza B 37/4
      2005/2006 Vicenza B 35/1
      2004/2005 Vicenza B 31/-
      2003/2004 Vicenza B 23/1
      الموسم الفريق الوطني الأوروبي
      2014/2015 Juventus 6/0 4/0
      2013/2014 Juventus 1/- 3/-
      2012/2013 Juventus 3/- 3/-
      2016/2017 Atalanta 1/- -/-
      2011/2012 Atalanta 1/- -/-
      2010/2011 Atalanta 1/1 -/-
      2009/2010 Atalanta 1/- -/-
      2008/2009 Atalanta 1/- -/-
      2007/2008 Atalanta 1/1 -/-
      2006/2007 Vicenza 1/- -/-
      2004/2005 Vicenza 3/- -/-
      2003/2004 Vicenza 1/- -/-
      منافسة الفريق الموسم
      كأس السوبر الإيطالي Juventus 2015/2016
      كأس إيطاليا Juventus 2014/2015
      الدوري الإيطالي Juventus 2014/2015
      الدوري الإيطالي Juventus 2013/2014
      كأس السوبر الإيطالي Juventus 2013/2014
      الدوري الإيطالي Juventus 2012/2013
      كأس السوبر الإيطالي Juventus 2012/2013
      الدوري الإيطالي Juventus 2011/2012
      الملف الشخصي

      Simone Padoin

      Simone Padoin, a hard-working and technically gifted midfielder, began his career with the Atalanta youth academy. He was part of the club’s successful Primavera Coppa Italia victory before moving on to continue his development with Vicenza, where he made his professional debut in 2003.

      His consistent performances, which had already enabled him to work his way up through Italian Under-19, Under-20 and Under-21 sides, were combined with a versatility that saw him operate as a defender.

      The 31-year-old was frequently used as a left-back in Vicenza, before returning to his midfield role following a move back to Bergamo in 2007, cementing his place in the starting line-up in the process.

      Padoin’s first contact with the Bianconeri came in 2010 when he took part in the club’s pre-season tour in the United States and Canada. Yet he would have to wait another 18 months to seal his dream switch in January 2012.

      In three and a half years with the Old Lady, Simone has scooped four successive Scudetto titles, a trio of Super Cups and last season’s Coppa Italia.

      A moment that will live long in the memory was how he ended the 2013/14 season on a personal high by getting the third consecutive league championship party into full swing with the winner over former employers Atalanta at Juventus Stadium. 

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