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    Giovanissimi bow out of championship finals

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    In the absence of nine squad members through food poisoning, Gabetta’s boys fail to qualify for the tournament’s last four after suffering a 1-2 defeat at the hands of Padova

    In the absence of nine squad members through a bout of food poisoning, the Giovanissimi Nazionali put on a spirited display against Padova in their final Group B fixture of the championship finals but eventually fell just short of last four qualification.

    The depleted Bianconeri contingent tripped up to a 1-2 loss earlier this evening and, in the end, their tally of three points from three games was not enough to reach the next phase of the tournament.

    However, Claudio Gabetta will nonetheless be extremely proud of his side’s resolve tonight and indeed their impressive performances over the course of the season.

    In the aftermath of a tough evening for Juventus, head of the youth academy Gianluca Pessotto was full of praise for the way the players responded to the unfortunate circumstances and stressed that the most important aspect was the youngsters’ wellbeing.

    The 42-year-old said: “I just want to start by saying the most important thing is that the boys are alright. Credit goes to everyone who helped manage the crisis in the best possible way.

    “It’s obviously disappointing about the result. Unfortunately the team wasn’t in the best of shape given what happened but it's not an excuse for losing. The boys gave it their best shot and tried right until the end.”

    Here is a summary of the Bianconeri’s results:

    Match 1: Juventus 1-0 Sampdoria
    Match 2: Juventus 0-1 Inter
    Match 3: Juventus 1-2 Padova

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