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    Allievi Nazionali’s league group revealed

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    Ivano Della Morte’s team again join 13 other sides in Group A, with their first game coming at home against Livorno on Sunday 8 September

    The Youth and Schools sector of the FIGC has revealed the fixtures for the 2013/14 season, and Juventus’ Allievi Nazionali now await their first encounter of the campaign against Livorno in little under a month’s time on Sunday 8 September. 

    The youngsters have been placed in Group A along with 13 other teams from Piedmont, Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany; a group, therefore, which has a different dynamic to that of their Primavera seniors. While the Allievi Nazionali will not face Bologna or Modena (rivals of Andrea Zanchetta’s men), they will be forced to make two even longer journeys to Livorno and Terni.

    Derbies against Novara and Torino await the Bianconeri on the 4th and 7th matchdays before the first half of the season ends on 8 December. The second half will run from Sunday 12 January to Sunday 4 May, with Della Morte’s men’s last game taking place at home against Cesena. Straight afterwards will be the all-important finals.

    Here is the full list of the Allievi Nazionali’s matchdays:

    1st: Juventus-Livorno
    2nd: Carpi-Juventus
    3rd: Juventus-Empoli
    4th: Novara-Juventus
    5th: Juventus-Siena
    6th: Sassuolo-Juventus
    7th: Juventus-Torin
    8th: Ternana-Juventus
    9th: Juventus-Parma
    10th: Genoa-Juventus
    11th: Juventus-Spezia
    12th: Sampdoria-Juventus
    13th: Juventus-Cesena

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