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    Guidolin: “Special effort required”

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    Francesco Guidolin, manager of the Udinese team to face Juventus tomorrow evening, is hoping to see his men pull something extra out of the bag in order to compete with opposition he believes are Serie A’s best

    Udinese boss Francesco Guidolin has called on his side to dig deep and look for that something extra on Sunday evening at Juventus Stadium as they prepare to face the Bianconeri.

    The experienced tactician, widely considered one of the best around in Serie A after repeatedly defying the odds to lead the Zebrette to the upper echelons of the table, believes a proactive, courageous approach could be the key to victory against Antonio Conte’s men.

    Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s enticing Serie A fixture, the 58-year-old issued a rallying cry: “I’m looking for an extra dose of courage and boldness from my men. We need to be proactive and smart in hitting them on the counter. Good physical fitness is crucial in Serie A, and essential when taking on Juventus.

    “We’re facing Serie A’s best team, who are probably destined to win the Scudetto again for the third year in a row.”

    The Udinese manager showed his experience when he went on to stress that games against opposition as capable as the Bianconeri don’t always pan out as hoped, and so expectations need to be adjusted.

    “Everyone who comes up against Juve would like to play in the opposition’s half, but the reality is different, as everyone finds themselves pinned back and forced to defend.”

    The Zebrette have struggled on their travels this season, losing four out of their five away games, something which Guidolin acknowledged.

    “We definitely haven’t shown much away from home so far, but I believe that, after three and a half years, we have developed a clear-cut mentality.  Few can match the 2010-11 Udinese in terms of away results, but not all seasons are the same.”

    From one respected manager to another, Guidolin concluded with a word on his adversary tomorrow night: Conte.

    “What do I envy in him? His age and youthfulness. His drive reminds me of my younger self.”

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