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    J1897 subscribers meet top management at J-Stadium

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    J1897 subscribers hailing from all over the world travel to Juventus Stadium to converse with the club’s top management at this morning’s unique event

    J1897 subscribers were this morning treated to a unique meet and greet opportunity with Juventus Football Club’s top management at the home of the Bianconeri, Juventus Stadium.

    One of the benefits of the exclusive initiative, launched last year as one of the Juventus Membership package options, is the chance to converse with those making key decisions.  

    And the interest created by such an event saw people travel from as far as the USA, eager to gain an insight into the decision-making process that goes on behind the scenes of a club whose consecutive Scudetto winning achievements have gone down in history.

    Here is a selection of quotes from today:  

    President Andrea Agnelli: “We’re here to bridge the gap between us and you. We’re not two separate entities, Juventus belongs to all of us. We can never abandon the dogma of winning is the only thing that counts. But we must also be realistic.

    “I haven’t got any adjectives to describe what has been achieved in the last three years. We must all be grateful to the management of the sporting area, the players, their leader, Antonio Conte, and those who work behind the scenes on a daily basis. This is where the team’s humility, it’s added value, comes from.

    “Our attentions have already turned to tomorrow. Yesterday no longer counts, today we’re already hungry to achieve our next sporting success.”

    CEO Giuseppe Marotta: “There has to be a winning organisation behind a winning team. The task of the club’s managers is to team an optimal sporting setup, providing the best possible side and technical staff, with an optimal company setup, which involves economic, financial and patrimonial balance.

    “Juventus is born to win and we need to look to gain the best we can out of every competition. In the past three years we’ve managed to achieve a historic goal and credit for this is shared between all the various facets of the organisation.”

    Commercial director Francesco Calvo: “Thank you for deciding to be active members of the club, people who want to enjoy information in advance but also participate. Today we’ve kept our promise of meeting you. We’re working towards expanding the view you have of the club and showing you what we do on a daily basis, but above all to make the Juventus experience a way of life.”

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