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    Marchisio links up with Tokyo’s Juventus Lounge

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    Claudio Marchisio has delighted the large Bianconeri following in Japan this afternoon during a live Google Hangout video chat with fans at Tokyo’s Juventus Lounge, an exclusive location where they are able to unite and share their passion for the black and white stripes.

    It was 21.00 JST in the Japanese capital, and the venue recently inaugurated by Andrea Agnelli and Edgar Davids on 7 March was packed full of eager supporters ready to chat with their hero.

    Following the warm applause that greeted his appearance on the screen, Marchisio began by turning his hand to being a guide to Turin, offering some top tips for those who are keen to visit the city.

    “I’d say the first thing you should visit is the Reggia di Venaria, but don’t miss the city center, Piazza Vittorio and Via Roma…after the 2006 Olympics, Turin has really changed and it has a lot to offer.”

    The 28-year-old midfielder then went on to express his own desire to make the trip in the opposite direction.

    “I enjoy travelling and I’d like to be able to visit Japan with the family as soon as I can.”

    But the fans were also of course keen to ask about his experiences on the field, and Marchisio’s first topic of discussion was the importance of manager Antonio Conte to the Bianconeri’s success.

    “He rekindled the winning mentality that had been lacking for a few years. Beyond that, as everyone knows we work really hard, that’s the strong point of our coach, and it’s thanks to that that we’ve managed to achieve the results of the last three years.”

    Another undeniable factor is Juventus Stadium, the ground where the passionate support of the fans has helped the team to a 100 per cent Serie A record there this season.

    “I also experienced the Delle Alpi as a fan as well as the Olimpico. Especially in that first one there wasn’t the same chemistry between the players and fans as there is now. You could see it right from the first game at the new ground how strong the bond is with our 12th man.”

    His final thoughts concerned the Europa League, a competition that he stressed the players as well as the fans are keen to win.

    “The Champions League is something we want to win because the club has been without it for a long time, but the Europa League is a trophy that means a lot to us. The final is at home, and we hope to be able to keep the trophy here in Turin.”

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