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    Primavera’s league group for 2013/14 announced

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    The Bianconeri again find themselves in group A, along with a total of 6 teams from Emilia-Romagna, after Lega Serie A publishes the official groupings for the upcoming Primavera championship

    With the Primavera's first match of the 2013/14 championship on Saturday 24 August drawing ever closer, the Bianconeri youngsters are now aware of the sides they will face over the course of the group stage.

    Andrea Zanchetta’s men have once again been placed in group A by Lega Serie A's official draw, and amongst the 13 other teams that join them there are no less than six based in Emilia-Romagna. A notable change from the last few seasons is the absence of Fiorentina.

    After starting on Saturday 24 August, there will be a winter break in the group stage from 14 December 2013 to 18 January 2014 and its last match will be played on Saturday 3 May 2014.

    The dates of the national finals, which retain their traditional “final eight” formula, are not yet known. The definitive list of teams taking part in the finals, however, will be available on 10 May, the day on which the last playoff will decide the last two qualifiers. The other six teams will, as always, be the top two sides from each of the three groups.

    Here is the full list of Juventus’ opponents in group A:


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