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    Real Madrid in Ale&Ricky final as Juve fall short

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    Claudio Gabetta’s Giovanissimi are unable to find a goal against Real Madrid and the 0-0 draw means Los Blancos go through to face J-Stars in the final. The Bianconeri will now battle it out with Chisola for third place

    The first of the day’s much anticipated Ale&Ricky clashes ended in disappointment for Claudio Gabetta’s Giovanissimi after a 0-0 draw with Real Madrid was not enough to see them go through to the final.

    The Juve youngsters fought hard throughout to try and gain the all-important advantage, but Los Blancos held out, and the Spanish side will now feature in the final of the seventh edition of the tournament held in memory of Alessio Ferramosa and Riccardo Neri.

    Although the 0-0 scoreline that they also recorded yesterday in the derby with Torino was not enough to secure passage into the final round, the Bianconeri nonetheless have one more opportunity to get a win: the third-place playoff against Chisola at 16.00 CET today.

    Following that, it will be Real Madrid’s turn, with the youngsters coached by Santiago Solari (a Real player during the Galacticos era) to face the winners of the amateur group and last year’s finalists J-Stars.

    Here is a full round-up of all the results, league tables and remaining fixtures:

    Saturday 31 August 2013

    9.00  Atletico Gabetto 1– 2 J-Stars
    10.00 Juventus 3–0 Tottenham
    11.00 Chisola 1-0 Castelfiorentino
    12.00 Torino 0-2 Real Madrid
    15.00 Atletico Gabetto 0-1 Chisola
    16.00 Juventus 0-0 Torino
    17.00 Castelfiorentino 0-1 J-Stars
    18.00 Tottenham 0-2 Real Madrid

    Sunday 1 September 2013

    9.00 Castelfiorentino 0-3 Atletico Gabetto
    10.00 Juventus 0-0 Real Madrid
    11.00 J-Stars 2-1 Chisola
    12.00 Tottenham 1-1 Torino

    Professional draw final table
    Real Madrid 7, Juventus 5, Torino 2, Tottenham 1

    Amateur draw final table
    J-Stars 9, Chisola 6, Atletico Gabetto 3, Castelfiorentino 0

    16.00 Third-place playoff – Juventus v Chisola
    17.00 Final – Real Madrid v J-Stars

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