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    Same fixtures for Allievi B and Giovanissimi Nazionali

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    Giuseppe Zappella and Claudio Gabetta’s sides will face the same path to the end of the season, and so six Piedmontese derbies await the Bianconeri

    This season, just like the last, the Allievi of the first and second divisions will contest the same order of fixtures as the Giovanissimi Nazionali, the Youth and Schools sector of the FIGC has announced. 

    Both sides will only face teams from the local regions of Piedmont, Liguria and western Lombardy. 

    That means that fans can look forward to a grand total of six local Piedmont derbies, with new addition Bra joining Alessandria, Novara, Pro Vercelli and Torino on the fixtures list. Four of the derbies will be played within the first five matchdays, with the real gem - the “true” derby against Torino - awaiting on the final day. 

    The campaign will get underway on Sunday 15 September, when the two sides will play Pro Vercelli at home, and the first half of the season will finish on Sunday 15 December. It will pick up after the winter break from Sunday 12 January and will run until Sunday 11 May, after which there will be the finals. 

    Here is the matchday-by-matchday list of the two teams’ fixtures:

    1st: Juventus-Pro Vercelli 
    2nd: Cuneo-Juventus
    3rd: Juventus-Novara
    4th: Savona-Juventus
    5th: Juventus-Bra
    6th: Sampdoria-Juventus
    7th: Pavia-Juventus
    8th: Juventus-Varese
    9th: Genoa-Juventus
    10th: Juventus-Aurora Pro Patria
    11th: Alessandria-Juventus
    12th: Juventus-Virtus Entella
    13th: Torino-Juventus

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