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    Sport meets art at J-Museum

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    A new art exhibition opens at the Bianconeri museum in collaboration with Turin's Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, as art 'invades' the world of football

    At J-Museum, the home of Bianconeri history, the “relationship between the romance of football and the more general romance of culture and artistic values”, as defined by Mughini, is becoming stronger than ever.

    With the start of the exhibition “Invasione di Campo – L'arte entra in gioco” (Pitch invasion – Art enters play), open to the public from tomorrow, Juventus has once again shown its commitment to promote universal values even off the pitch. Curated by GAM (Turin's Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art) at Juventus Museum, the exhibition aims to unite two seemingly distant worlds, namely football and art.

    “It's not that strange, a museum cannot simply live with what is on display within it, it's a living thing. Art, and above all this type of art that takes its inspiration from the museum to portray the dynamics of the human body, is not that odd.” This is what museum president Paolo Garimberti said this morning at the press conference to unveil the exhibition.

    In fact, for some time now the museum has not only housed trophies and memorabilia from the Bianconeri past but also hosted significant cultural events – beginning with the violinist Salvatore Accardo last November.

    With work on display from Francesco Barocco, Gianni Caravaggio, Rä di Martino and Sissi – artists chosen by GAM to exhibit their pieces on the concept of sport and football – the museum has also become a place for contemporary artistic experimentation.

    This is the first of its kind in Italy, as two so seemingly different institutions embrace each other's language, creating a positive crossover between a place that collects the successes of the Old Lady of football and a temple dedicated to modern art, the oldest of its type in Italy.

    The cultural overlap that is the product of this partnership was described by Garimberti as a 'wonderful pitch invasion': “The collaboration between GAM and Juventus is an almost natural one given we're good neighbours,” explained the president of JMuseum, referring to the geographical proximity between the two institutions. “The four young artists visited the museum and thought of transposing their feelings into works of art.”

    The four works on temporary display – all different from one another in form and content – in part express the feelings the artists experienced upon visiting the temple of Bianconeri history.

    GAM director Danilo Eccher said the following about the meeting of two different worlds, football and art: “Visual art and football are not worlds apart as some people might think. Football lives through pictures and stories. It's not very easy to tell the story of an event that everyone knows in an experimental language, you run the risk of being descriptive.”

    Juventus and art have been two lifelong passions for Giampiero Mughini: “We're in a museum which celebrates the history of a brand, of a mindset, of a shirt that tells the story of Italy in general. Today four young artists came into a museum and each of them in their own way echoed the general meaning of this institution.”

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