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    Tales of black and white love: #JMembers kiss and tell

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    We asked members of the Bianconeri community to share with us an incredible story that reveals their relationship with Juventus. We've received some real crackers and from tomorrow we'll be publishing them each week exclusively on Juventus.com

    "Darling, I can explain. It's not what you think." With those words, said somewhat hesitantly, Alessandro attempted to explain to his wife, on his wedding day after being caught, why he had taken Juventus up to
    the altar with him. 

    Carefully and methodically he'd put together an intricate plan to ensure that he'd have the Bianconeri colours with him when he said "I do". Because when you're in love with the Old Lady, you never want to abandon her. Not even on the most important day of your life.

    We'll be sharing this and other stories with you over the coming weeks. Original, unique and unusual anecdotes that might just make your jawdrop. Out-takes from Bianconeri fans' lives: strange situations,
    staggering surprises and shocking secrets.

    We asked #JMembers to open their closets, dust off their old Juve memories and put on display all those stories that can only be appreciated by other black and white hearts.

    Starting tomorrow, each week their stories will be exclusively on Juventus.com for you to enjoy as part of our "Tales of black and white love" feature.

    So if you think you have a story worth telling, let's hear it!

    Sign up to JuventusMembership and become a Premium Member International, then send us your memoir by email. To make it even more complete, you can include photos and videos too.

    The best stories will be chosen by the Juventus.com staff and published on the site.


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