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    The most entertaining videos of the season

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    Juve win through putting in the hours and working hard, but they know how to enjoy themselves every now and again too of course. Here’s a selection of the season’s most amusing videos

    Winning is a serious profession, but who says you can’t enjoy yourself whilst doing so?

    In fact, not taking yourself too seriously all the time is one of the secrets behind a tightly-knit group that sacrifices everything for each other on the field to achieve success, and success is something Juventus have known a thing or two about this season.

    When their schedules permitted it between training sessions and matches, the Bianconeri allowed themselves some down time in front of the cameras. And now that the season has come to its glorious end, it’s time to enjoy those videos again!

    Much of the preparation for the 2013/14 season took place in the United States, with Antonio Conte putting his men through their paces in some tough training sessions. So tough that for a while Leonardo Bonucci and Andrea Pirlo considered changing sport…

    Fortunately they decided to stick with football, and one of them was involved in this very particular Halloween celebration:

    At this point the campaign was in full flow, with matches coming thick and fast and lengthy away trips to make. But at least during the journey there was a way for the Bianconeri to enjoy themselves.

    It was Christmas time, and just like every year the Bianconeri were spreading their own festive cheer.

    After Paul Pogba sent his latest Pogboom missile into the net against Sampdoria at Juventus Stadium, we asked the Frenchman how he does it. This was his response:

    The video evidently inspired Carlos Tevez, whose shot power here is second to none:

    Piledrivers like Pogba’s are always a joy to watch, but goals born out of intricate moves are no less so. Here’s how Andrea Pirlo and Stephan Lichtsteiner develop their own apparently psychic understanding…

    Tevez experienced a few comical misunderstandings of his own in this video, but one of his Juve team-mates popped up to make him feel at home:

    To finish this collection in style, what better than this joyous video taken on 4 May!

    P.S. If you happen to come across three strange characters crossing the road, don’t worry. They’re harmless and gentle…off the field at least…

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