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    From Indonesia to Turin: a prenup Bianconeri-style

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    Two Indonesian Juventus fans, Farid and Bintang, decided to narrate the story of their marriage using some "special" photographs. To take them, they hopped on the first flight to Italy. Their final destination? Juventus Stadium

    A romantic trip to Turin to bring the Old Lady back to Jakarta for their  wedding day: the story of Farid and Bintang is the story of a couple of  Bianconeri fans united forever in the name of Juventus.

    The two young Indonesians, 27 and 26 years old respectively, have been living and working in Amsterdam for a few years now. They met in Indonesia and in 2011, more in love than ever, they decided to get married. 

    We have already shown you – on these very pages – how you can get Juventus involved in the happiest day of your life. Indeed,  Alessandro did just that: without saying a word to his future wife, he managed to stand at the altar with the Bianconeri jersey cunningly hidden beneath his shirt.

    For their wedding day on 7 July 2012, however, Farid and Bintang simply "brought" the Old Lady all the way to Jakarta. How? To find out, we must  turn the clock back to the very beginning of their story.

    The idea of theming their wedding day around the black and white of  Juventus arose when the two fans started dating. Farid had been  following Juventus since the age of nine, when they beat Ajax in the  Champions League final of 1996.

    "The day after that wonderful evening I stuck up a Juventus poster in my  room and promised myself that I would one day go to Turin to cheer my  heroes on in the flesh," says Farid.

    It was a promise that became even stronger when Farid met Bintang: "I  immediately passed my passion for Juventus on to her and we started to follow all the matches together."

    Match after match their love grew, and when Farid asked Bintang to be his wife there were no doubts in either of their minds. It had to be a Bianconeri wedding.

    In Indonesia, tradition dictates that the happy couple choose a theme  which recounts their story, their passions and their most precious  moments to their guests. Once chosen, the theme is created through  photographs, drawings and designs. For Farid and Bintang, their deepest  passion – the thing that best describes them – is Juventus.

    "So we decided to go to Turin, to take the photographs for our wedding  at the stadium itself," explained the groom. The match was Juventus v Atalanta on 10 May 2012 – the Bianconeri were champions of Italy for the 30th time. There was just one, rather sizeable, problem. The two  Indonesian fans didn't have tickets; they had sold out in a flash.

    Not that it perturbed them: "The most important thing was just to be there – we'd have taken the photographs no matter what, even if we’d had to stay outside the stadium."

    However, as fate would have it, minutes before the end of the match the stadium gates were opened. The fans' celebration was about to start. Farid and Bintang – almost disbelievingly – entered the Tribuna Nord, cheering on their team together. Most importantly, they were able to take the photos they so craved, with the help of some of the other fans.

    "It was a marvellous wedding present," the happy couple recall. The nicest, most meaningful photo shows Farid embracing Bintang in the stands of the stadium. They are both wearing Bianconeri jerseys and smiling broadly. Bintang, a fashion designer, is wearing a bespoke jersey she created especially for the occasion.

    It is a magical moment which the future bride and groom would later use to decorate their wedding venue, to tell the whole world, "This is who we are, this is how we met. Thank you, Juventus."

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