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    Happy New Year Bianconeri!

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    We bid farewell to 2014, which will go down in Bianconeri history, and look forward to 2015 more determined and hungrier than ever for success. All together, fino alla fine

    There are very few certainties in the game of football. One of these is the yearning for success that is a hallmark of Juventus DNA. In 2014, the Old Lady confirmed this, pushing back the boundaries via a deluge of victories, records and points.

    Never satisfied and always on the front foot, 2014 saw the Bianconeri triumph. Not content with that, they showed the humility of great champions by picking up points this season in relentless fashion.

    It was the year of the record-breaking Scudetto, the 95 points in a calendar year and the highest points-per-game rate (2.57) in the history of Serie A. Top spot was never once ceded to Juve's rivals.

    It was the year of the move between Pirlo and Lichtsteiner. It was the year of the missiles launched by the right foot of the Apache, on fire throughout 2014, as he breached defences and knocked down targets from the terrace at Vinovo from huge distances. It was the year of unstoppable free-kicks from Il Maestro, displaying incredible calm to settle even the trickiest encounters. It was also the year of Pogbooms from outside the box, El Guerrero's late dashes, El Rey Leon's thumping headers and regular assists from our Swiss watch - to name but a few.

    A 2014 lived to the maximum at all times, which saw the club claim the Scudetto and qualify for the Champions League last 16.

    It was the year of the triumphant "All good things come in threes" parade but Juve also proved they can put trophies behind them and look forward, as the club strives for new success and motivation.

    It was also the year of the sea of fans who greeted us in Indonesia and Singapore and of the endless passion in Australia, which gave the new faces further desire to entertain and write new chapters in the club's history.

    Juventus were merciless throughout a memorable 2014, top of the table all year long. Juve were more mature in terms of tactics, technique and competitiveness. Feared by every opponent, we showed we could attack ferociously but also wisely manage our spells of clear dominance.

    Aware of our strength and our incredible potential still to be realised, we approach 2015 with even more hunger for success – a tradition in these parts for the last 117 years. We want to continue to fight, we want to continue to surprise and we want to continue to win.

    With that in mind, we wish you a very happy new year. We'll see you in 2015, as we bid to make it even more memorable than this year.

    Fino alla fine.

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