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    Juventus and Goodyear renew partnership

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    A three-year extension is agreed between the Bianconeri and market leader in tyre production

    Goodyear, the legendary market leader in tyre production, has renewed its sponsorship agreement with Juventus for the next three years.

    The renewal is a significant step for both Goodyear and Juventus, two organisations who have a great deal in common. They boast long histories, both having been founded at the end of the 19th century (Juventus in 1897 and Goodyear in 1898), and their hundred-year heritage has made them leaders in their respective fields.

    With this agreement, Goodyear consolidates its position at the forefront of its industry, giving the company the opportunity to reach over 12 million Bianconeri fans.

    Juventus, meanwhile, can now count a brand from the tyre industry – one that is so important to the automotive operations of the FCA Group – amongst its many partners.

    In recognition of the ever-increasing importance of online communications, the new agreement includes plans for greater synchronicity between the digital and social platforms of the two organisations. Juventus is already at the forefront of this area, with nearly 14 million fans on Facebook, more than 1.3 million followers on Twitter and almost 300,000 subscribers to Juventus Channel on YouTube. These formidable statistics, to name but a few, make Juventus the number one club in Italian football.

    For this reason, Goodyear has moved to produce a series of viral clips which will star Juventus players in all sorts of unusual situations. The clips are to be released across the various digital platforms of Goodyear and Juventus.

    Exposure for the Goodyear brand will also be guaranteed via more traditional methods, such as advertisements on pitch-side LED hoardings and having the Goodyear logo emblazoned on backdrops used for interviews and press conferences.

    Further initiatives designed to directly engage users and fans will also be launched, such as promotions with exclusive Juventus Stadium tours up for grabs, in-stadium competitions and so on.

    Luca Crepaccioli, president and CEO of Goodyear Dunlop, stated: "The partnership with Juventus represents an important part of our communications strategy and furthers the visibility and prestige of our brand. Being a sponsor of such a top-quality football club allows us to strengthen our bond with all drivers, offering new ways for us to entertain our clients. Thanks to this partnership, we’ve also reinforced our already strong connection with the FCA Group, many of whose models Goodyear already provides its fuel-saving tyres to."

    Juventus CEO Giuseppe Marotta commented: "The renewal of our partnership with Goodyear represents the continuation of a relationship between two giants in their respective sectors who have both achieved outstanding results over the last three years. We are convinced that in the coming years our partnership will bring us similarly rich reward and satisfaction."

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