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    #PirloIsNotImpressed, the grand return

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    Andrea Pirlo is back and so is the worldwide challenge launched in August. Can you be the first to finally win our midfield maestro over? Keep sending your efforts in!

    #PirloIsNotImpressed is back!

    For those of you who may have missed out first time around, here’s a quick recap of the viral smash hit:

    Whilst the Bianconeri were on the Australia leg of their highly successful Asia-Pacific tour, Andrea Pirlo took some time out to admire the breathtaking view of Sydney Opera House from across the bay.

    Various passing street artists attempted to leave him awestruck by performing a variety of show-stopping skills only for the Maestro to ultimately remain unmoved by their efforts.

    So we threw down the gauntlet to you.

    We asked you to come up with your own entries using the hashtag in order to try and impress our midfielder.

    Many of you went down the juggling route, choosing to showcase your silky skills with Pirlo’s favourite toy: the football.

    Now that he’s fully fit and raring to go for club and country, we’re back and intent on finally winning him over with your support.

    Unfortunately, these excellent entries also got the thumbs down. Don’t give up hope, though, perhaps a change of tack might help us find that all elusive breakthrough?

    Have you got any innovative ideas to astonish the Maestro? It seems he may want an out-of this-world entry and that’s where your continued help is required. We believe that with continued persistence, the Maestro could finally give someone his much coveted seal of approval.

    Don’t forget to use the #PirloIsNotImpressed hashtag when you keep those entries flooding in - we’ll get there somehow. Fino alla fine!

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