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    The saddest day

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    Thirty years have passed since Heysel. Juventus Football Club remembers the victims of the tragedy on this sad day

    29 May 1985, the saddest day in our history.

    It was supposed to be a day of excitement, celebration and tension on the pitch. It became a tragedy.

    Thirty-nine innocent people lost their lives that night. Thirty-nine families were forever afflicted by a pain we can't even imagine.

    What happened that night is etched in the memories of football fans everywhere. Those who there in Brussels, those sat watching on television but also those were too young or perhaps hadn't even been born yet.

    Thirty years have gone by and now we can only cling to their memory. Juventus will do so by joining the Association of Families Affected by Heysel for a church service, which will be held at 19.30 CEST at Turin's Gran Madre di Dio church. The first team squad, coaching staff and management will all be in attendance.

    Juventus will also be a part of the public ceremony in Brussels, represented by J-Museum president Paolo Garimberti and Sergio Brio.

    Gianluca Pessotto and Massimo Bonini meanwhile will attend the service in Liverpool on behalf of the club.

    This article will remain the top story throughout the day on Juventus.com, while the cover photos of our social media accounts and our only post on Facebook will be in memory of the victims.

    The rest will be silence.
    To honour their memory.
    To try and bring comfort to their families.  
    To stress once again the hope that the vile abuse to which they have been subjected for many years stops once and for all.   
    To make it clear that a similar act of madness must not be repeated.
    Never again.

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