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    “90 MINUTES FOR HOPE" raises over 1 million euros

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    Juventus counts among the European football clubs to have raised 1.3 million euros as part of ECA’s campaign "90 MINUTES FOR HOPE" providing aid for refugees on the continent

    By taking part in the initiative “90 MINUTES FOR HOPE” and donating one euro for every ticket sold for the Bianconeri’s meeting with Sevilla on 30 September, Juventus contributed to the 1.3 million euros raised for Save the Children and UNICEF-run projects to help give migrants a brighter future in Europe.

    The European Club Association launched the campaign in September, asking the continent’s top clubs to set aside a euro for each seat reserved in their maiden home matches in this season’s Champions League and Europa League.

    The funds will be transferred to Save the Children and UNICEF with the objective of combatting the greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War.

    More than 870,000 people arrived on Europe’s shores during 2015 alone, leaving their homelands behind due to internal conflicts and civil wars. Twenty per cent of those who have fled their countries are children, who are suffering from significant stress after undergoing the long, arduous and extremely dangerous journeys overseas.

    In many cases, homeless shelters are at full capacity, forcing refugees to go in search of insecure lodgings or to sleep in the outdoors. Levels of hygiene are low and the risks of infection particularly high both among pregnant women and youngsters.

    “As important stakeholders within society, we cannot close our eyes to the dramatic scenes currently affecting the lives of many children. We are proud to see many European clubs joining our “90 MINUTES FOR HOPE” campaign and are very pleased to donate the money raised to Save the Children and UNICEF, two organisations tirelessly working to support desperate refugee children and their families in Europe these days.”

    Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, ECA Chairman

    Save the Children and UNICEF will provide aid in the form of:

    -          Distributing clothes and bedsheets suitable for winter;

    -          Creating space for children to be able to engage in recreational activities;

    -          Constructing special shelters for unaccompanied mothers and children;

    -          Baby kits and food;

    -          Provision of water and medicine;

    -          Technical assistance to help reunite various families;

    -          Technical assistance to improve the competencies of those who work in the frontline, including volunteers, social workers and NGO staff.

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