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    Neto covers every angle

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    The Brazilian summer signing lifts the lid on a variety of topics during this afternoon’s chat with Filo Diretto

    Juventus custodian Neto lifted the lid on a variety of topics during an exclusive interview with Jtv’s Filo Diretto this afternoon.

    The 26-year-old, who joined the club on a free transfer from Fiorentina in the summer, discussed the excitement of Champions League nights and the squad’s potential to swiftly climb up the league following a slow start to the domestic campaign.

    He also found time to talk about his interests away from the field of play before looking ahead to the Bianconeri’s return to Serie A action, next week’s clash with Inter at the San Siro.


    “I prepare for every game as if I’m going to be involved. That’s the mentality you need to make the most of any opportunity that comes your way.”

    Champions League

    “We’ve gained a lot of confidence from the triumphs in the Champions League. Taking six points from two games represented an important step. The anthem sends shivers down your spine and really fires you up for the match.”

    The squad

    “We have a strong group and everyone’s contribution will be required. With the players coming back from injury we’ll have the possibility to climb up the league. We’re aware of our potential and know how far we can go.”


    “I’m a real sports lover in general, aside from football I’d say tennis and basketball are my favourites. I’m a fairly laid back guy, I like staying at home and chilling out with my wife and dog. Before games I like to listen to Brazilian music  which reminds me of good times with my family.”

    Next up

    “The Inter game is our next one, and therefore the most important. We’ve got the required quality to go and win it - it’s a good moment for us.” 

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