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    Alex Sandro and Rugani preview final

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    Alex Sandro and Daniele Rugani look ahead to this weekend’s Coppa Italia final showdown with Milan before discussing their respective first campaigns under the tutelage of Massimiliano Allegri

    Bianconeri duo Alex Sandro and Daniele Rugani took the opportunity to look ahead to this weekend's Coppa Italia final clash with Milan in Rome during today's respective interviews with Sky Sport and Jtv. 

    They also found time to talk about their first seasons under the stewardship of Massimiliano Allegri, whose man-management skills and tactical prowess on the training ground came in for praise from the pair. 

    Here is a round-up of their comments: 

    Alex Sandro

    “We’ve celebrated a fair bit but now we’re fully focused on the Coppa Italia final. All we’re thinking about is that game.

    “I’m happy with the faith Allegri has shown in me, I’ve developed thanks to the help of the boss and my team-mates, but I’ve still got plenty of room for improvement - physically, tactically and going forward. I can operate wherever Allegri wants me to, be it left, right or even through the middle.”  

    Daniele Rugani

    “The Coppa Italia final is a one-off game, so we need to tackle it with focus and determination. We need to be tough but at the same time organised. A patient approach will be required, as the game will probably be decided on the minor details, so we mustn’t force things and go gung-ho.

    “The turning point of the season? Definitely our defeat against Sassuolo. At that moment we laid the foundations for victory, all as one. The old guard did so by dishing out a few home truths, while we young guns did our bit by showing the right reaction.

    “I need to thank the boss. He’s been great with me, telling me I needed to be patient and keep working. My team-mates have also helped me out a great deal, some with words, others by their attitude and the example they set.”

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