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    J-Academy explored at J-Stadium

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    Juventus holds a workshop at Juventus Stadium for representatives of Bianconeri academies and camps from around the world

    Juventus’ ever-growing global presence received further confirmation on Friday, as representatives of Bianconeri academies and camps in 19 different countries attended the first ever J-Academy Partners Meeting at Juventus Stadium.

    The purpose of the two-day event ending on Saturday is to tighten ties between the club and its academies and camps by providing information and advice in areas of communication, digital marketing, sponsorships and merchandising to help its various partners in the running of recreational activities that involve more than 15,000 children each year in 80 locations around the world.

    “The soccer schools represent a very important project for us. As our name, Juventus, implies, youth is in our DNA. We want to educate the children by spreading our core values as a club,” opened Silvio Vigato, Head of Brand, Licensing and Retail.

    One of the main themes to emerge from the afternoon of lectures was that of ‘consistency,’ embodied by the club’s efforts to guarantee a clear visual identity to all of its partners worldwide via a new website especially dedicated to J-Academies, camps and Training Experience.

    ACADEMY - An annual Soccer School set up to develop participants' footballing ability through the Juventus methodology and philosophy. 

    CAMP - A black and white holiday for boys and girls between 5 and 17 years of age. It offers a unique experience centred on making new friends, having fun and, most importantly of all, playing plenty of football.  

    TRAINING EXPERIENCE - A pure Juve-style training experience held in a top-quality environment. The programme is packed full of activities for youngsters who want to enjoy the Juventus training method.

    Taught by certified coaches, youngsters can make use of the Juventus academies and camps to hone their technical and tactical skills, while also developing their emotional and mental handling of situations on the field.

    The main focus, however, is that of helping the children feel personal and inner enrichment through football, as emphasised by J-Academy Sport Director and Team Manager of the Primavera, Gianluca Pessotto.

    “Besides improving the children’s technical skills, we can’t forget to teach them to play for the love of the game,” he began.

    “Whenever they enter the field, it’s important that they show qualities such as spirit, perseverance and respect, but most crucially of all an enthusiasm for football.”

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