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    Buffon aiming big before UCL opener

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    Gianluigi Buffon underlines that the Bianconeri need to remain ambitious, while avoiding any complacency, as they embark on this season’s Champions League campaign

    Gianluigi Buffon is no stranger to the Champions League. With 96 appearances to his name in the competition, Juventus’ captain has kept catching the eye year on year with stellar performances on the continent.

    And it was exactly this notion of continuing to develop and improve that formed the fundamentals of the iconic stopper’s mantra, as expressed during today’s press conference ahead of his team’s UCL opener against Sevilla, with the Bianconeri looking to pave the way for an ultimately successful European adventure.

    Here follow Buffon’s standout quotations:

    UCL dream

    “I have to stress that the Champions League is not just my dream, but that of the whole club, the players and the fans. Many members of this group have been pulling in this direction for some time and we’d like to crown all our efforts with such a great achievement.”

    Feet on the ground

    “We go into the competition not thinking that we’re favourites, but that we’re an excellent side, reinforced by the summer signings.

    “We’ve improved year on year in Europe and it’s clear that Juventus’ chances this season can’t be ignored. That said, we have to keep our feet on the ground, because any kind of complacency would likely be punished given the quality of the other sides in the tournament.”

    The importance of experience

    “Having experience in our ranks is especially key for the first few games, as you already know what you’re going in to and how to overcome any nerves.

    “I may be captain, but I don’t really need to teach anyone anything, because this team already consists of players boasting a great deal of international experience. For that reason, there’s no need to tell them about the importance of certain matches or to how best prepare for them. My role is to save shots.”

    Everlasting ambition

    “Everything that we’ve done so far in the Champions League hasn’t been enough. If we’ve been eliminated in the past it was because we deserved to be.

    “My view is that every athlete can raise their game up until the very last day of their careers; therefore I believe that we should be continuing to aim high both collectively and as individuals.”

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