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    Juve launches Camp Belux 2016

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    David Trezeguet and Moreno Torricelli inaugurate the fourth edition of Juve’s soccer school project in Belgium and Luxembourg

    Bianconeri legends David Trezeguet and Moreno Torricelli inaugurated today the Juventus Camp Belux 2016 project, entering its fourth successive season, this latest edition set to be particularly special with eight camps taking place simultaneously across Belgium and Luxembourg.

    In attendance at today’s press conferences in the Belgian cities of Hasselt and Namur, the two longstanding servants of the Old Lady witnessed in person the importance that the club places on initiatives aimed at young players, both in terms of sharing core values and strengthening the Bianconeri brand on an international level.

    Also present at the event in eastern Belgium, was Stijn Stijnen, who was the Club Brugge keeper against whom Trezeguet scored in September 2005 to take his tally in the black and white stripes to 100 goals.

    Stijnen is now president of KSK Hasselt, whose ground will host one of the eight camps that are due to take place in April.

    The former Belgium international began: “I’m delighted to be involved in this project. It’s an honour to collaborate with an important club such as Juventus.

    “For us, this initiative is of enormous value, a great opportunity and we’ll do everything possible to make it a success.”

    Over the course of this year, there are Bianconeri camps planned in the following cities across Belgium and Luxembourg: Cointe, Berchem Saint Agathe, Hasselt, Dottignies, Paturages, Grez-Doiceau, Jambes and Luxembourg, with over 500 young people expected to get involved.

    Between 4 and 8 April 2016, the camps will all take place simultaneously, with 24 Italian coaches assisting the various matches scheduled.

    Speaking at the second news conference of the day, this time in the southeastern city of Namur, Trezeguet underlined the importance of the initiative.

    “We’re very proud to be here in Belgium to present this ambitious project that will allow many children to come into contact with the Juventus family.

    “By sharing our values as a club, plenty of young players have a chance to develop according to the rules and ethics with which all age groups are taught and trained in Turin.”

    Echoing the Frenchman’s words was former Juve and Italy full-back Moreno Torricelli: “It’s very important that the children have an opportunity to hone their skills, while also playing with a smile on their faces.”

    The 1000 or so youngsters currently subscribed to Bianconeri camps in Belgium form just a small part of the ever-growing Soccer Schools project that has seen the club consistently increase their presence across different continents.

    With 15 academies located around the world, various camps based in 18 countries and 21 soccer schools in Italy, the initiative as a whole now involves 15,000 young participants every year.

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