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    Lights, camera, action at Juventus Stadium!

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    Juventus Stadium puts on a spectacular light show for supporters in the build-up to Saturday night’s Serie A curtain-raiser against Fiorentina

    Imagine the scene. As a supporter inside Juventus Stadium, the clock is ticking towards kick-off and you’re eagerly awaiting the announcement of the starting XI over the loudspeakers – an age-old tradition, which never fails to inject emotion in those watching on.

    This time, however, the footballing ritual comes with a twist. Before the first name on the teamsheet, Gianluigi Buffon, can be read out, the entire arena is awash with flashing lights, leaving fans mesmerised for over half a minute.

    That is exactly what happened on Saturday night before the Bianconeri's Serie A curtain-raiser against Fiorentina and, thanks to the club’s partnership with Philips Lighting Italia S.p.A., spectacles of this nature will become an integral part of the club’s pre-match routine, each time inventing a fresh, innovative way of wowing the Juventus Stadium crowds.

    This is the first time that an Italian stadium has put on a show of this kind in what is also a rare sight across Europe, with Juve’s new LED lighting system meeting the UEFA A ELITE standards, namely the highest recognised by the continent’s football governing body.

    The Bianconeri’s iconic arena now boasts 396 LED devices installed on the roof and on the technical walkways, 72 more than the previous season. The revamped system also guarantees a saving on consumption of 175 kW, not to mention the additional benefits of being able to adjust the lights.

    Last night’s spectacle, and indeed those in store for the rest of the season at least, have been made possible thanks to the hard work of a team which, in 1,344 days, dismounted and installed the headlights, transporting and putting in place 24,000 kg of galvanized carpentry, fixing it together with 14,200 bolts and screws, the headlights to the stadium facilities, whilst laying electrical cables which stretch an impressive 33,116 m. Each person involved in the project has travelled approximately 15 km per day, forming a total distance of 20,160 km.

    To get a better idea of the figures involved:

    • 24,000 kg are the equivalent to a herd of 53 adult zebras
    • 14,200 is the number of bolts and screws needed to assemble 11 Jeep Renegade cars
    • 33 km of cables would cover the distance between Juventus Stadium and the club’s training base in Vinovo (with some wires left to spare…)
    • 20,000 km are approximately equal to the circumference of Mars
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