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    Buffon: “Born for matches like this”

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    Juventus captain Gianluigi Buffon is raring to go for Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final first leg away to Monaco

    Respect for the Red and Whites


    “If Juventus and Monaco have got as far as the Champions League semi-finals, it’s because both teams have deserved it. We both have great quality and personality.

    “Perhaps we’ve greater experience at this level, but Monaco are brimming with enthusiasm and the kind of carefree attitude that has served them well so far.

    “We know how dangerous they are in attack and not only with Kylian Mbappé in their ranks. They’ve an excellent coach in Leonardo Jardim and I’ve great respect for the side as a whole.”

    Different proposition to 2015


    “When we faced Monaco two years ago, perhaps there was less pressure on us because we’d achieved what few had expected we were capable of.

    “Now, for us to overcome this hurdle would represent a natural next step of a journey that started a long time ago, during which we’ve gained a great deal of confidence in competing at this level.

    “In 2015, Monaco was a more defensively-minded outfit, but now they’re far more expansive and it’s a pleasure to watch them play.”

    Magic of the Champions League


    “For me, the Champions League is something that fills me with enthusiasm, not anxiety.

    “I get a new lease of life when playing in this competition, regardless of winning or not. I feel young again.

    “After all, when you’ve a really competitive mindset, the age on your ID card means absolutely nothing!”

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