10.02.2017 17:30 - in: Serie A S

    Pjaca: “Learning a lot with Juventus”

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    Two days after making his first start for the Bianconeri, Marko Pjaca takes to the microphone in today’s interview with Sky Sport

    Bianconeri’s bright future

    “I’ve learnt a lot here since joining last summer, not least about Italian football and that Juventus is a top club with a rich history they can be proud of and I’m sure they’ll continue to be successful in the future.

    “You need to work really hard here in order to get into the team and to show the fans that you’re capable of doing everything they want.”

    Onwards and upwards since injury

    “It’s always difficult when you’re injured. You want to be playing, especially in my case as I’d only just arrived at the club and so I wanted to prove myself.

    “Therefore, being out of action for around three months wasn’t at all easy for me, but since recovering I’ve returned to training with the team, I’m happy and that’s the most important thing.”

    Mario’s my mate

    “I have a great relationship with Mario (Mandzukic). I know well him from the Croatian national team, so we’re friends.

    “He helped me a lot when I came here both on a football and also personal level, so I’m very grateful for that. We’re talking every day and he’s often giving me good advice in training and in games.”

    Allegri’s eulogies

    “I’m glad he (Massimiliano Allegri) thinks that way and speaks so positively about me. I have to prove that I can play the way he wants me to and I’m working hard every day to raise my game and, as you say, become the future of football.”

    Everyone sets an example

    “We’ve a lot of great players here at Juventus. I think I can learn from each and every one of them and that’s very important.”

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