20.04.2017 00:01 - in: Champions League S

    Allegri focuses on the end game

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    The boss wants to go all the way: "A top-class performance. We have to keep going though; we can't let up"

    While naturally pleased with his Juventus side's performance after they knocked out Barcelona, Massimiliano Allegri was keen to stress that it's far from job done for the Bianconeri.

    "Only a great Juve side could have made it through a tie like this," began the coach. "We afforded them a few chances but still defended with good shape and determination for 95 minutes.

    "Clearly, when we went forward we weren't as cool-headed as we might have been but we'll work on that.

    "Everyone played well, the centre-halves especially, including those that came on late like [Andrea] Barzagli. It felt like the match could have gone on a lot longer without us conceding.

    "Yet Barcelona come to life at home. [Lionel] Messi, Neymar and [Luis] Suarez move the ball incredibly well and [Andres] Iniesta also played excellently.

    "It's nigh-on impossible to keep back-to-back clean sheets against Barça, which means we did really well.

    "We haven't achieved anything yet, though," stressed Allegri. "This is just another step on the road to Cardiff. We mustn't let up at all now. On Sunday we have a big game - it's the business end of the season.

    "This squad is full of great professionals though: they're responsible and I don't need to keep them on their toes. The time to change a formation is when you're winning. If you do so after a loss, it becomes that much harder.
    "We'll enjoy this even though we have big room for improvement," concluded Allegri. "I must, however, congratulate the lads. On a more general note, it was only fair and nice to see the Nou Camp applaud two great teams.

    "This semi-final, just like last night's in Madrid, featured some of the best teams in Europe. Some brilliant football was played tonight."

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