28.09.2017 00:22 - in: Champions League S

    Allegri pleased with 'intelligent win'

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    The boss delivers his post-match verdict: “Higuain is a match-winner. Bentancur played well. I think Sturaro can have a great career as a full-back”

    Massimiliano Allegri praised Juventus for biding their time against Olympiacos before taking their chances and winning the game as the visitors waned.

    “We played an intelligent, patient game,” the coach began after his side eventually saw off the Greeks 2-0.

    “Olympiacos were very astute defensively and they closed down all the spaces. Perhaps we needed to play a bit more quickly between the lines but it wasn't easy. It was only natural that once they started to tire a bit we would find more space and the lads managed to get the win."


    “I made a choice tonight. Higuain didn't start because he wasn't in as good shape as the others. He's getting there and I could already see a difference in the way he moved out there tonight. He looked sharp and determined.

    “Gonzalo has never been a problem and he never will be. He's a match-winner and this is going to be a big season for him.

    “He had a fantastic season last year but it's in the past now and he needs to do it all again. Every team sets out to beat Juventus and you have to keep proving yourself day in day out. If you do that, you keep moving forward; if you don't, you get left behind.”


    “Rodrigo played well. He's got a sweet foot on him and he won lots of balls for us today but he still needs to do better when receiving the ball and playing it forward.

    “Douglas Costa must push himself to harry the opposition more and be more determined in going for goal. He likes to play for his team-mates and beat his man and he rarely loses the ball. He's adjusting to Italian football, which is very different to in Germany.

    “[Stefano] Sturaro has a great future ahead of him as a full-back. I think he can go on to have an excellent career playing there. He's got technique and a good engine, although he doesn't always move naturally when he receives the ball because he was used to playing as a midfielder.”

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