18.08.2017 13:40 - in: Serie A S

    Allegri: “Time to raise our game”

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    Massimiliano Allegri calls for hard work and humility as the Bianconeri start their Serie A title defence tomorrow afternoon against Cagliari


    “It’s to be expected that when you win in Italy for six years in a row and also perform well in Europe, your opponents strengthen. You have to discover new motivation and keep raising your game as the margin for error decreases. 

    “Our season starts tomorrow against Cagliari, but the campaign truly kicks into gear in September after the transfer window closes and everyone knows where they stand. That’s why these two games in August (Cagliari and Genoa) are so complicated."


    “I keep hearing people saying that we need to win the Champions League this season. Well, in order to go well in Europe this season, we also need to enjoy a strong Serie A campaign.

    “We must devote our energies evenly to both competitions and come March, we need to be in contention still on both fronts.”


    "We're only favourites for the league this season if everyone, and I repeat everyone, applies themselves properly. It’s crucial that we work with the necessary calm, equilibrium and mental focus.

    "In Sunday’s Super Cup final, we played far below the required level, making careless mistakes that we have to cut out of our game quickly. From a technical standpoint, we need to be raising the bar and avoid arrogance at all costs.

    "Everything we achieved last year is in the past. Tomorrow, all we care about are the three points."

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