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    "We expect the best Juventus."

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    Ivan Rakitic and Ernesto Valverde speak to the press on the eve of Juventus-Barcelona

    Croatian Midfielder Ivan Rakitic and manager Ernesto Valverde spoke to the media on Tuesday night at Allianz Stadium ahead of Wednesday's Champions League showdown. 


    VALVERDE: We expect the best Juventus, obviously. Certainly it’s a very important team and with a strong atmosphere. It’s a top quality club and team. They create a lot of opportunities to score as we’ve seen in the league and we know that they also want to win tomorrow just like us. We expect a great match and as complicated as usually happens in a tough stadium. But we’ll face it with great determination and will to win.


    VALVERDE: When such a top club loses a match, they want redemption immediately and will seize the first opportunity. It’s true they lost to Sampdoria and not only for the meaning of the Champions League itself, but in general terms to get rid of the burden on their shoulder certainly they’ll be more dangerous and fighting more than ever. We certainly expect the best Juventus on the field, but we’re ready to face them.


    VALVERDE: Obviously every defeat helps you learn and helps you improve just like victories. Of course, it depends on the path and direction you want to take. Last year they were in excellent shape and managed to win but that doesn’t mean that tomorrow the same will happen. It’s a different match because Juventus will be thinking about recovering from the defeat from the first match so we’re quite prepared to face such a situation. 


    RAKITIC: We know that last time here things didn’t go right for us but we must be realistic, every game is a new opportunity and a different opportunity, hopefully tomorrow we will be able to win in what is an amazing stadium and seize the opportunity.


    RAKITIC: I’m very respectful of Juventus, nothing is given for free and every result must be deserved, just because they have lost some matches this season it doesn’t mean that they are weaker. The fans will be behind their team tomorrow and will make it difficult, we are coming up against one of the best teams in Europe and we will have to be at our best.


    RAKITIC: What Buffon has done for football is absolutely unique, any children creating their ultimate football team will be choosing him as a goalkeeper, we all have a lot of respect for him. It’s a shame a player like him won’t have a chance to play in another World Cup.

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