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    Matuidi: Headed to Athens to win

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    Blaise Matuidi talks to the Sky Sports microphone ahead of Juve's trip to Athens

    With a huge three points in Naples now in the rear-view mirror, Juventus must quickly turn their focus to an all-important night in Athens as Juve battles Olympiacos in the final UCL group stage match.

    Blaise Matuidi is no stranger to big Champions League nights and he spoke to the Sky Sports microphones about this past weekend and the big night ahead: 

    "It wasn't a game that wins the championship, but it's certainly very important and will help us in our Serie A journey this season," said Matuidi. "We have sent a clear message that Juventus is here, strong and running for the Scudetto. We work every day to be the best. Our goal is to win and it's a long season yet."

    It was an impressive performance in the three-man Juventus midfield for Matuidi. "I can adapt to different formations and I do that every time the coach asks me to play different roles, even when I'm more advanced as we saw in Naples. I always give my best and do whatever the team needs to win." 

    But for a spectacular save by Pepe Reina, Matuidi would have registered his first goal in Bianconero on Friday night, but Juve fans were denied the first "Matuidi Charo" goal celebration. 

    "The first thing I thought was 'how did he save it?' I saw the action on television later and maybe if I had sent it a little more to the right it would have been a goal, but it was a great save. The most important thing isn't that I scored but that we won." 

    "When I do manage to score, you'll see [the dance]. It'll be a great pleasure!" 

    Now, Matuidi turns his focus towards Tuesday night in Athens.

    "We must not think about any risks but take the field to win as we always do. We will go there to play our game against a difficult foe, but we have everything we need to do well and earn three decisive points." 

    Before wrapping up the interview, Matuidi took a moment to mention his "Association Tremplins Blaise Matuidi" charity, something all Bianconero should look at during this holiday season. 

    "Tremplins represents a project that is very close to my heart. Every year we try to do something to give a smile to children, especially at Christmas!" 

    Christmas is approaching and it is also important for Matuidi to dedicate himself to his charity project, the "Association Tremplins Blaise Matuidi": "Tremplins represents a project that is very close to my heart: every year we try to do something, to give a smile to children especially at Christmas".

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