12.04.2017 00:21 - in: Champions League S

    Buffon: “A fraction of a second”

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    The skipper comments on that save and looks ahead to the return leg: “Recent history tells us we're not through yet but we're very happy tonight”

    “Just doing my job.” That was Gigi Buffon's explanation for the wonder save he pulled out to deny Andres Iniesta in the first half of Juve v Barca.

    A goal at that stage would have made it 1-1 and may well have sent the game in a very different direction. Yet, while admitting that it was an important save, our No.1 was reluctant to bask in the glory.

    “That's what we're here for. I'm lucky enough to play for a fantastic team and I have to keep demonstrating that I'm good enough to play at this level.

    “It was a big save, though, because of the time when it came and the difficulty of the save itself. It comes down to a fraction of a second but, as I said, I have to pull off saves like that if I want to keep being considered a top keeper.”

    Feelings on return leg

    “The feelings are positive. This was no fluke result today. We deserved it and we have no reason to fear anyone.

    “We played our game and showed what we're capable of but you only have to look at the PSG match to remember that we must be careful. We're happy, but we're not through yet.

    “One thing's for sure: we're not afraid of playing on the biggest European stages.”

    Dybala among the best

    “Paulo has improved enormously over the last two years. He could well be up there among the top five players in the world.”

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