12.04.2017 18:20 - in: Champions League S

    Buffon: "Perfect plan, perfect execution"

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    Buffon calls for focus following special Barcelona win: “Our approach to the game was superb but the job is only half done”


    Barcelona not done yet

    “We’re delighted with the way we played but that’s all: we haven’t even qualified for the next round yet, let alone won the trophy itself.

    “At the end of nights like that you always get a feeling that the job isn’t finished. The quality of Barcelona and the elimination of PSG should ensure that we go there for the return leg with the same level of focus and determination.”

    Juve shining in Europe

    “When you come up against the world’s best in the Champions League, your preparation for the game speaks for itself; if you’re not in top condition, you lose.

    “Mister Allegri produced a brilliant gameplan for us and communicated what he wanted us to do perfectly.

    "On the pitch, we managed the match really well, remaining calm, level-headed but also confident throughout. We played in a way that said we’re among Europe’s best and we have designs on the top prize ourselves.

    “I’d say that Juve will have to fight that little bit harder to gain the same success but when we finally get there, the feeling will be extra special for it.

    "No one else is playing the same football as us at the moment and credit for that has to go to Allegri, who has mapped out everything this season."

    That save on Iniesta

    "It was a difficult one to make for the timing, instinct and reading of the situation.

    "In moments like that, football is like dance, following the steps of the other person and choosing the right moment to move.

    "You have to make those kinds of stops if you want to a top goalkeeper and key player for your team.”

    The future

    “I am not worrying about my own personal future just yet. I’m focused on sustaining this level at the moment and continuing to lend a hand to the winning future of this club.” 

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