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    Chiellini: Humility, sacrifice and conviction

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    "King Kong" speaks ahead of the derby: Torino have improved, it will be a very offensive game

    "We are still far from being at our best, but we've been good at winning all these games and earning points," said Giorgio Chiellini, today in Vinovo to the microphones of Sky Sports and Mediaset, acknowledging the great potential of this Juve squad, but recognizing they can still "improve a lot and work to find the best squad."


    "We are a growing team, despite the difficulties that can be put in front of us at the beginning of the season when things have changed. It is true that the league calendar was not our toughest opponents we will face this year, but it is just as true that against Juventus everyone gives 110%."

    In defense, there has been much rotation including Chiello sitting out Wednesday's win over Fiorentina: "Last year too, we rotated a lot. Depth has always been one of our strengths, which has allowed us to better manage our energy and arrive with more strength to the most important games at the end of the season. We have many talented and high level players for Allegri to choose from. I am fit and ready for the next match."


    The Derby is directly in the sights of Chiellini and the Bianconeri: "Torino is a strong team, which has all the cards in place to point to European qualification...They grew up a lot, they have a good coach and players at international level. This is what we need to compliment us here. As a long-time player in Turin, it's good to see that the Derby Della Mole has risen so much in stature."

    What kind of derby will it be?  "It will be a game where you will play football, between two very offensive teams, in which I expect many goals. Last year, we could have closed the first half in front of a couple of goals, then Ljajic's goal changed the momentum of the game and Higuaín came up big for us equalizing the last second. "


    Giorgio next talked about his great confidence in his teammates beginning with Gonzalo Higuain. "Gonzalo for us is a certainty, one of the hubs on which we will rise up."

    Next he shared his esteem for the new boys Bentancur and Matuidi. "In this team, we always integrate players gradually: in the midfield there were contingent situations such as injury of Khedira and Marchisio and they had more chances. In Rodrigo, already in July I saw a player ready, and he had already played high level matches in Argentina. Blaise is an international footballer, who is complete because he has no real flaws. He is one who doesn't talk too much and goes about his work doing many things."


    Two perfect records remain in Serie A and it's who you'd expect: Juventus and Napoli. Is it a two-team challenge for the Scudetto or more? 

    "There are five teams who are all at the top contending. I believe that in addition to Napoli, Inter, Rome and Milan can aim to get to the top. We want to get to March contending for every trophy. The basics there are, now we have to work with humility, sacrifice and conviction. These are always the ingredients of success."

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