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    Claudio Marchisio fields Junior Reporter questions

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    Juventus Junior Members had the opportunity today to ask Claudio Marchisio their questions in a packed conference room at Vinovo!

    It was a special afternoon for the lucky Junior Members in attendance, who became Junior Reporters for the day, as they each got the opportunity to interview Juventus’ Principino. Whilst it was definitely not Marchisio’s first interview, you can be sure that it was the most entertaining!

    Jay, who was in attendance kept the Junior Reporters entertained as they waited eagerly for Juve’s number eight to arrive, you can imagine the excitement when he finally walked through the doors….

    One of the first questions put to Claudio was 'what is the best goal that you have ever scored?'

    To which Marchisio replied, "My best ever goal? Perhaps a bicycle kick that I scored as a kid in my first ever derby. I've still got the video tape and I often go back and watch it again."

    Next on the agenda Marchisio was asked who his idol was growing up, to which he answered, "My football idol as a child was Alessandro Del Piero. It was therefore incredible to be playing alongside him and to be winning things not too long after."

    Of course, there was an inevitable question from our Junior Reporters about homework…And Claudio response was, "I would always get my homework done as soon as I got home from school. I'd then have a snack and head out for training."

    Claudio took a quick break from answering questions as the room joined Il Principino in a rendition of Juve’s anthem: 

    Back to the serious questions, and next up Marchisio was asked from a Junior Reporter about his dreams.

    Marchisio thought about it and then replied, “Actually I have several dreams, but the first one that I was able to realise was playing for Juventus.”

    He then turned to the room and asked, “What are your dreams?” The responses were varied and interesting, and ranged from “Playing for Juventus”, “Meeting you” to “Becoming a Policewoman”.

    Before the ‘press conference’ concluded, Marchisio had some heartfelt words for our Junior Reporters: 

    At the end Il Principino made it a perfect day for our Junior Reporters by joining them for a team photo, as well as signing autographs, and to really cap the event off it was time for a selfie!

    It was truly an amazing time for all in attendance, and you could be the next Junior Reporter in the seats at Vinovo asking your heroes the questions you’ve always wanted to. Buy a Junior Membership today and then enter the contest here for your chance to be a Junior Reporter for the day!

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