02.06.2017 19:20 - in: Champions League S

    Dani Alves: "We must seize the opportunity"

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    Pre-UCL final thoughts from the man who's won the lot but wants more: “We're privileged to be here. We must seize this opportunity”

    You look into the eyes of Dani Alves and you can read his mind. He knows Juventus could achieve something massive tomorrow and it's clear just how much he wants it. He speaks both with the humility of a player who has never won a trophy before and the charisma of one of the most decorated footballers in the world.


    “It doesn't matter how many finals or trophies I've won; football is a team game and I'm happy if all my team-mates are happy. That's the only thing I'm focused on. We all have the same dream and it's much, much bigger than anyone's personal objectives. What motivates me more than anything else is sharing success with my team-mates.”


    “A game like this is very special indeed and even more so for Juventus because the club haven't won the trophy for 21 years and because last time they met Real in the final, Real won.

    “There'll be loads of amazing players out there and they'll put on a show that the whole world will be watching. We're privileged to be a part of it and we have to seize the opportunity, without thinking about our opponents.”


    “When you reach the final, you don't play it – you have to win it. We know what we need to do; we need to go out there and fight for the prize we've been chasing all year long, and do it with the joy and enthusiasm that only this sport can give you.”

    On his superstar status: “Juve didn't sign a star; they signed a worker who wants to lift the trophy tomorrow. If we want to make the dream come true, we're going to have to produce a little bit more than usual. We must show we're up to the task.”


    “You make history in every moment of every day. I came here to live the dream and to enjoy it with my team-mates.

    On Gigi Buffon: “His career has been immense and victory tomorrow would add yet another highlight to what is already an astonishing football tale.” 


    “I won't have any problems sleeping tonight. I'll sleep very well, as I always do. I hope my team-mates sleep well too because we have a job to do tomorrow and we need to perform it well.

    “We have some fabulous players but to increase our chances of taking home the trophy we must play as a team.”

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