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    Giuliani looks towards Juve-Fiorentina

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    Juventus Women goalkeeper, Laura Giuliani gives her thoughts ahead of Friday's big clash with Fiorentina


    "When I knew that Juventus were interested in me I didn't hesitate to sign, I immediately said yes without any doubts."

    "With my teammates, we make a formidable group, many of them I've known for several years, whilst the players from abroad who I haven't, have settled in well. We are a young team but a united one, both off the field and on it."

    "I never had the pleasure of working with Rita Guarino before, when I knew that she was going to be the manager I was very happy about it. We have a very good relationship, one thing that I really like about her is the attention to detail she gives when explaining tactics and the way she wants us to play, very offensively." 


    "I am a fairly aggressive goalkeeper out on the field, I like to lead the defence and participate in the action."

    "Compared to my previous experience in Germany, there is a lot more attention to technical detail and positioning. I've trained a lot with coach, Giuseppe Mammoliti and at Juve we take care in the details and basic technique.

    "It was a unique emotion to save a penalty at home to Verona. The previous match I had conceded my first goal of the season from a penalty away at Empoli, and honestly I was annoyed at the thought of conceding another goal in the same manner."


    "We are first in the table and the team is playing very well, but we can do better. There are still some things to work on and it's important that we bring home the three points on Friday against Fiorentina, because what we have done previously is now in the past."

    "When you win a game like that against Brescia the danger is that you relax and take your foot off the pedal, so we have to keep the concentration high. Fiorentina have so many talented players, they had some difficulties at the start of the season, but now they are trying to pick up as many points as possible and close the gap at the top. It will be a very intense challenge.

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