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    International school of excellence, WINS is inaugurated today

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    The school was opened in the presence of Juventus CEO & General Manager Sport, Giuseppe Marotta and Juventus CEO/CFO, Aldo Mazzia at Juventus Village, in the Continassa area in Turin

    Today saw the inauguration of the World International School of Turin (WINS), a school of excellence located within J Village, which houses the new Juventus headquarters.

    The complex covers over 8,500 square feet of classrooms, libraries, laboratories, sport facilities and accommodation. It is the first boarding campus in Piedmont, a school that allows students to live on campus, based on the international college model. It will also host J College, intended for the boys and girls of the Juventus youth teams.


    "WINS is a benchmark of excellence - the same excellence that Juventus always strives for," declared Giuseppe Marotta at Thursday's inauguration event.

    "A football club can be defined as a sporting phenomenon, a business, but above all else, it is a social phenomenon. We have about 400 players in our youth sector, so there are also families who entrust the supervision of their children to us for a significant amount of time, so we have a very strong social responsibility."

    WINS will continue Juventus' journey of delivering an educational experience after the construction of J College in Vinovo, where last year the first full-cycle of higher education was completed.

    Marotta continued, "J College was born out of the need to reconcile sports and didactic activity that allowed us to help prevent school dropouts."

    "WINS has allowed us to find a structure that can help us to pursue an even more effective way to achieve our goals: not just to create players, but also intelligent men and women who know how to play football well. We are proud to be here to inaugurate this school, which will be a place where students grow into the men and women of tomorrow."


    WINS qualifies as an International Baccalaureate® (IB) Candidate School, and will adopt a didactic method that naturally stimulates critical thinking and builds customised curricula based on personal interests and traits.

    The students are able to begin working towards their diplomas at the new school in a multicultural environment of excellence with qualified mother tongue teachers - all in view of the mentor-coach approach within the philosophy of “learning by doing”.

    An example of this new approach is the introduction of a Digital Learning Experience, a project based on Apple technology that embodies theories of a new digital learning through a careful integration of the use of the iPad during lessons and studying at home with the chance to enhance content through increased interaction and to share projects with schools around the world.

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