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    Barzagli looks ahead

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    "You win and lose together."

    Juventus have turned the page immediately after Sunday's loss at Sampdoria turning their attentions to a colossal Champions League encounter vs Barcelona on Wednesday. 

    Who better, then, than a veteran leader like Andrea Barzagli to speak about what the Bianconeri need to do to get the result they need on Wednesday night to secure Champions League advancement?


    "It doesn't happen every match where the game is going to go your way," said Barzagli. "Mr. Allegri told us that what matters is that we win together and we lose together." 

    "We must not have the momentary lapses that we've had and need that extra something that we haven't always been able to show. There's a few teams above us in the league and that is why, despite averaging similar results to previous seasons, we aren't at the top.

    "We have had some great seasons recently and we know how hard it is to stay successful year on year. We have plenty of quality but what makes the difference is our desire and sacrifice.

    "Now is a very important time, with so many head-to-heads against top sides, and it is not a question of what formation we play with but our will to win." 


    Barza looks ahead to Wednesday: "Juventus vs Barcelona is one of those games for which you don't need any extra motivation. It will be difficult, but we must get the result we need. It is crucial to reach the next round, also for moving forward in the context of the season.

    "This game against Barcelona can't really be compared to last season's. That was another situation. Our opponents will obviously want to progress too but for us this is a match of utmost importance."

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