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    Big goals for Wojciech Szczesny in 2018

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    Juve's Polish international: Serie A or Champions League? How about both!

    Wojciech Szczesny has been an integral part of the current eight-match shutout streak for the Bianconeri and no game was bigger than Saturday's win over Roma. The Polish international made multiple key stops including a one-on-one denial of Patrick Shick to preserve all three points.



    "My most difficult save? No, I do not think so," said Szczesny on stopping Schick. "it was important and difficult because it was in the final minute. I had a few seconds to figure out how to close the angle as much as possible, and then it was Schick who pulled me around.

    However, it was an important intervention, because it sealed two extra points and two days off. "My teammates were very happy at the end of the game..."



    "It's easier to make positive performances when you have big defenders in front of you,and they make you save no more than two or three shots per game," said the Polish international. "We have a great spirit, when we defend we do it all together, and so it is difficult to score on Juventus."


    "Working with Gigi? It is a life experience. I knew him and his greatness as a goalkeeper but now I've met him as a man, in training and in the locker room.

    This experience allows me to become even stronger, the relationship with him and the Mister is perfect, we all help each other. Of course, I'm playing more than I expected which makes me happy."



    "A few weeks ago we won with a certain kind results for example we beat Udinese 6-2. They are victories that show off the quality of the team, but not those that lead you to win the championships.

    In the long run, you will get ahead of everyone with results like the one on Saturday and with the spirit we are demonstrating I can say that we are the team to beat."

    "There are many tough opponents, let's not forget Roma and Inter. I think that it's looking like us and Napoli will be the teams with the quality to arrive at the top in the end."


    BIG GOALS IN 2018

    "I came here to grow. I'm doing it but from the new year I expect to keep improving even more. I like stability and I can see myself at Juventus for a long time. If I had to choose between Serie A and Champions League? Simple answer: both."

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