18.09.2018 20:00 - in: Champions League S

    Chiellini: "We believe"

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    The Bianconeri defender speaks on the eve of his first Champions League campaign as the official Juventus captain


    "I am proud to lead Juve out in Europe, it's my 14th season at the club and I've seen it all, I've known hell and returned to heaven with this team.

    "There has been an exponential growth and we have raised our level year after year. We have the belief to win it and we have also believed the last few years, we have what it takes to win the cup and we have grown as a team. However, there is still a long, long way to go from here to lifting the trophy.

    "We know the difficulties of this tournament well and we'll have a taste of it tomorrow night. The most important thing is to arrive in March in excellent condition, because there are five or six other teams who want to win and who are at our level. We have a mix of experience and youth that can do well and tomorrow will be an important test."


    "There are great expectations and we want to start on the right foot, we feel stronger than in previous years, but we will have to do our talking on the pitch.

    "Tomorrow, we will face an important test, because few teams including the great Spanish sides, manage to win here in Valencia. We expect a great challenge, both from a technical and environmental aspect, which is the best way to start our Champions League campaign.

    "Our strength has always been the team's balance, a team like ours with the experience and the solidity that is has cannot feel any further pressure, we have to prove that we are strong. The Champions League should not be an obsession and should be faced with positive energy and enthusiasm.

    "We have to keep improving in defence, because we have conceded similar goals recently and we must pay more attention, also in the penalty area. We will look to do it in the shortest time possible, starting tomorrow, because in the Champions League the first mistake is punished."


    "We are close to Douglas, he is a golden boy who has always behaved well and has lost his head for one moment. He knows that he was wrong, he has apologised and will be punished as should be accordingly, but he should not be crucified. It will not happen again and we hope that he can help us, as he has always done."

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