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    Chiellini: Time to re-focus

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    Chiello: "We need to put the Champions League behind us because the next few days are very important"

    The emotions of Wednesday night's win at Wembley will be running high still for the Bianconeri, but it's essential to turn the page quickly as, beginning Sunday, the next seven days bring three Serie A matches as Juve looks to take back the top spot in the league before the international break.

    Giorgio Chiellini knows how important that is as he spoke to the media today:


    "We certainly hope to take over the top spot, maybe even this weekend if only for a few hours. They will be three complicated games against physical teams at the end of a busy period. We will need all of our physical and mental energy and need to concentrate well. We need to put the Champions League behind us because the next few days are very important." 


    "I would say exciting, both for us and for all the fans, then passionate, given the way that we expressed our passion in qualifying and finally fresh, since we were aware of the difficulty facing us but we never lost our attention and focus on the battle. We were waiting for Tottenham to budge a little bit, and it happened."


    "We are a team that is feeling renewed. There are many players with experience in addition to us Italians. Players like Lichtsteiner and Asamoah, but also there are players who have been with us for three or four years now that are fully part of the club. What matters, in the end, is that there's no time to run the risk of being statisfied. We have to always keep our willingness to sacrifice in order to continue winning. The biggest months are still in front of us and we haven't won anything yet." 


    "The coach is our rudder. Our success and his are mutual. There is a great harmony and synergy between him and the group." 


    "Paulo must simply continue doing what he is doing. He is an amazing young player and now he's back to scoring goals, but we have never had any doubts. Buffon? He thinks of nothing but the field right now. We have too many challenges ahead of us to do anything else." 

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