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    Russo: "We won't give an inch!"

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    Juventus Women goalkeeper talks to Juventus TV about life between the goalposts, Guarino and more!

    Juventus Women return to Serie A on Saturday at 14.30 in Vinovo against Empoli. Juventus goalkeeper Federica Russo spoke to Antonio Romano and Juventus TV about her ambitions with the Bianconere and what's ahead in their inaugural season:


    Being a goalkeeper can be a solitary position, as Russo says on Instagram. 

    "In my opinion, it's the most beautiful role in football," said Russo. "Maybe I'm biased, but it's something that brings a different emotion from the other roles. It's almost like practicing a completely different sport."

    "You're alone and train relatively alone with a coach and teammate. You can have a perfect match but then in one moment have a lapse in concentration and everything collapses on you. You have to stay balanced and make very little mistakes. Maybe you have to be a little mad, but I love what I do!" 


    "I've known some of the girls for a lot of time and it's great to have them here. It's a great group with respect across the board and we have found a great balance. We always fight together."


    "Having Rita Guarino as a coach is a blessing for me. She is charismatic, detail-oriented, a great woman and a great coach."


    "Empoli Ladies made a great impression on me in our first matchup because they tried to play an open game looking to build smartly and attack. Now that they've faced us they will probably be a little bit more closed, but we are both teams looking for points. We won't give an inch!"

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