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    Allegri: “We covered the pitch really well”

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    Post-match comments from the Bianconeri head coach: “All credit to the players, they put the team first”

    Massimiliano Allegri gave his thoughts after Juventus’ comfortable 3-0 victory against Young Boys at Allianz Stadium in the Champions League.

    “We had to cover all areas of the pitch well, this was very important,” the head coach began. “The lads did it superbly and it’s to their credit that they always put the team first. It’s the right approach because we’ve got numerous targets to hit and lots of matches ahead of us.”


    As always, Allegri also analysed the areas where his team can still improve.

    “In these types of matches we’ve had the tendency to take our eye off the ball for spells, while this evening we should have scored more, partly for our goal difference but also because in the fixtures to come, we’ll only get one or two chances to score, and we’ll have to be more clinical than we were tonight. Improving your performances is the way you proceed in a competition like the Champions League.”


    The coach decided to play Bernardeschi in midfield tonight, rather than his usual position on the wing.

    “He and Dybala tend to cover the same sort of area and they risked treading on each other's toes,” he explained. “I decided to bring Bernardeschi inside and he really helped the team. I gave him a bit of an earful though because too often he was trying to score himself.”

    Allegri wrapped up with a few words of praise for Dybala.

    “I’m pleased for him, he’s developing and performing consistently. However, all the lads played really well: a mature performance, tackling a Champions League game as it needed to be tackled.”

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