07.02.2018 17:00 - in: Serie A S

    Mandzukic: "100% commitment for the fans"

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    Mario Mandzukic talks about his thoughts for the rest of the season ahead of Fiorentina-Juve


    "I like to take on responsibilities on the pitch and I'm happy when I'm entrusted with more tasks because it allows me to do better and help my teammates, I believe that I have the energy to give a lot.

    "I like the current role that I play in because it allows me to be close to the goal, but also help the team in the defensive phase.

    "I want thank all of the fans for banner they made of me for the match against Barcelona in the Champions League. It's hard to describe the emotion that I felt in that moment, I didn't expect it and I was impressed by the size of the choreography, the best way I can repay them is to continue working hard to give satisfaction to the Juventus fans." 


    "I'm not someone who talks a lot, but I've said before and I'll say it again, Allegri is one of the best coaches in Europe, he's shown it with his work with Juventus and the results speak for themselves. We have an open communication and he is a person who knows how to listen and to understand, I am very happy to be able to work with him."


    "Napoli are doing well right now in the league, I like the way they play and the organisation of Sarri who is a very well-prepared coach. They play well in attack, they score a lot of goals and have been able to draw from the advantage of changing little over the last few years, which has cemented the group. Right now, we have to think about the trip to Fiorentina first, and if we do well then I'm sure we will be in good shape to face Tottenham.

    "The beauty of football is that every season you have the chance to win trophies and this season we will again aim to win everything. We know that will be difficult to achieve, but this is the objective of Juventus, to win.

    "At the beginning of the season I always set myself two goals, not to get injured, and to win as much as possible with Juventus."

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