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    Marotta: "Full focus required for remaining fixtures"

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    Juventus CEO, Giuseppe Marotta, speaks after receiving the award of Sports Person of the Year at the inauguration of the Piedmontese Year of Sport for 2018

    Giuseppe Marotta received today the award of Sports Person of the Year at the inauguration of the Piedmontese Year of Sport for 2018. During the event in Turin, Juventus’ CEO and General Manager Sport took stock of the Bianconeri’s present and immediate future as the club enters the final stages of the 2017/18 season.


    “Until the season officially finishes, there’s little point staring at the league table or looking beyond the next fixture in the calendar. There may be stiffer competition for silverware this year, but the spirit remains the same, and the titles aren’t won until the end.

    “The only thing that matters is to sit on top of the pile once the season is over; the rest is quite simply academic. Whoever finishes in first place will have deserved it.

    “Our home match against Napoli at the end of April will be important, of course, but ultimately all of the games count and can also present potential pitfalls: even the fixtures where you’d least expect to slip up.”


    “Allegri is one of the best managers in the industry. His arrival at Juventus was met by general skepticism, but the results he has achieved on the pitch speak for themselves. His work with us has delivered cause for enormous satisfaction among all associated with the club and I am sure that will continue.

    “Buffon is focused on the present and on all the commitments we have right now on the pitch. I can only say that the relationship between him and us is ideal.”


    “Higuain's injury is nothing serious, but we are cautious about when to reintroduce him to pitch action, having sustained a bothersome knock to his ankle.”


    “Emre Can is a valuable player and out of contract in June. If he decides to play for Juventus, we will be happy, otherwise we will work towards alternative targets.”

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