17.08.2018 14:00 - in: Serie A S

    Allegri: "Looking forward to an exciting season!"

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    Bianconeri boss, Massimiliano Allegri, previews tomorrow night's season opener away at Chievo Verona


    "It's going to be an exciting season, there are many top players in Serie A and we have one of them in Cristiano Ronaldo.

    "Tomorrow a new challenge starts for us. This summer, we bought Ronaldo - the best player in the world - Emre Can, Cancelo, Perin, Spinazzola arrived, Bonucci returned. I would say that the team has improved, as well as the other teams.

    "It will be a difficult campaign and we need to be prepared and remain focused, because tomorrow at 18:00 CEST the season begins and we will find a tough Chievo side waiting for us. I'm curious to see how the team fares."


    "I personally have to thank Claudio [Marchisio], because in four years with me he proved to be a great player, a great man, a great professional and an example for all the players who arrived at Juventus.

    "Claudio has been at Juve for 25 years and we took this decision together with him to resolve his contract, and he will go on to have an experience elsewhere."


    "We can't say that this is 'the year of the Champions League'. Since I arrived it has always been 'the year of the Scudetto, the Coppa Italia and the Champions League'. Every year, Juventus plays to win all the trophies available, and in the past four years we have twice come close to winning all the trophies in which we have competed for, and this year we'll try again.

    "I am proud to be at Juventus and I'm happy here, but the only thing that matters now are the results. It's my fifth year at the club, progress has been made, the quality of players has improved, as has our confidence at European level. You never know: this could be our year to win the Champions League, but first we need to get past the group stage and then we'll see where we are in March.

    "I believe that the transfer market is closed for us now. Claudio left today but he will be the last departure."


    "Ronaldo will make his debut. Szczesny, Chiellini, Bonucci and Pjanic will play and the two full-backs on each side will be Cancelo and Alex Sandro. Everyone is in good condition, even Mandzukic and Matuidi, who both went all the way to the final in the World Cup.

    "I have some ideas on how we'll play but I need to see a couple more games and training sessions to figure it all out. The season is long, we have players with different characteristics and we'll have the opportunity to play with different systems depending on the attributes of the players.

    "Whether we use wingers, whether it's Ronaldo with Dybala, or Dybala with Mandzukic, our system also depends on the characteristics of the other players. Sometimes we can play with three in defence."

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