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    Juventus Women react to Scudetto triumph!

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    The champions of Italy react to their year-end triumph!


    "We have to say thank you to these girls and the whole organization who put us in the best conditions to bring home this extraordinary success. The Director Marotta and the President Agnelli enthusiastically supported the project, and we've had great joy thanks to these players who performed their best. The team deserved both the success for the season and for this Final. Our breakthrough? In a championship so balanced, the two consecutive defeats made us understand that we had to give our best. And a victory has come that also rewards our fans, who have followed us everywhere in Italy."


    "We have re-paid the support of our fans giving everything we had and more! We deserve the trophy and are very happy. Now we really enter the history of this club!"


    "I wanted to play at all costs and now I will undergo an operation but I couldn't leave my teammates. I couldn't end the season just yet. I dedicate the win to my boyfriend who has always supported me and the club that made all this possible. Finally, to the medical staff who put me back on my feet and my teammates who have never made me lack confidence!"


    "We deserved to win. Tonight we were the strongest team on the pitch, and also throughout the season. We are a fantastic team!"


    "It's a fantastic achievement. It's the first of my life and it couldn't have gone any better. We are a team that has never given up!"


    "A beautiful and exciting Scudetto. It was created when the girls set the goal of winning and we did it. When you feel your legs spitting, you have to use your confidence and courage to go inch by inch and reach the end. The girls were fantastic." 

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