08.05.2018 20:00 - in: Coppa Italia S

    Milan's TIM Cup Final press conference

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    Tomorrow night's opponents speak on the eve of the match in Rome


    Leonardo Bonucci:

    "It's always nice to play in matches of this level, Milan is a club that deserves to play in these types of games, I’m confident tomorrow that we will play a great match. Winning this trophy is already important but winning it especially after the difficulties we’ve encountered this year would be fantastic for us.

    "We can win the match if we are clinical on the two or three chances that we get. Juventus have a lot of great qualities, great players, and have had a great season. Based on the on the quality of their players we will need to play the perfect match in order to bring the cup home.

    "I will embrace Gigi and my former teammates before kick-off but then for 90 minutes we will be opponents. If we win I won’t be consoling anyone and nobody will have to console me, it's part of football and I'm happy to face Juventus because I will be competing against the strongest team in Italy.

    "I learned in seven years what it means to play for Juventus and that famous winning mentality. Cycles always start with a win and we will try to do that tomorrow, we want this trophy, and we feel that we deserve it and we hope to experience the winning feeling."


    Gennaro Gattuso:

    "For us it is our World Cup, we are full of enthusiasm and we feel the enthusiasm of the fans. I haven't needed to motivate the guys for this, it's a game that motivates you itself. Juventus have been a strong team in Italy and in Europe for the past seven years and they have a great mentality. We have to try, and if we can overcome this difficult obstacle, I'm sure that we can go on to do great things, I'm sure of that.

    "We have to do two things: not give Juve anything, as with the quality of their players they will punish you, then we have to play our game courageously. Juve is a team full of champions, but they too have some defects, it will be a good game we can't wait to get going and we hope that we won't make the same mistakes as we did in the last 15 minutes in Turin.

    "Cuadrado and Douglas Costa, are two players that can hurt you with speed, we have to be careful of them and stay level-headed. Tactically and technically we will need something more to win against Juventus."

    "Juve as a player gave me the feeling of a team with a great mentality, a great sense of belonging, a team that all the players who pull on that shirt are proud. The Juve world has always fascinated me because there is discipline and compactness, they know what they want to do and are ready to fight, I have always admired and envied this feeling. When we talk about Juve we talk about a great club, with great history, that is used to winning and continues to stay with a great mentality."

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